The mighty Killing Joke unleash their 16th album on 23rd October. Just over 35 years since they released their debut album Killing Joke in August 1980. Unlike the majority of bands that appeared during the golden decade 1977-1987 UK alternative music, Killing Joke have lost none of their fire and passion for music, This has been very much evident from the first time I saw them in the 80’s up until I saw them last, in Holmfirth last year. They are very much a measure of what a great live performance is about.
Pylon has all the makings of a classic Killing Joke album lots of musical fire, anger and great lyrics. The opening track Autonomous Zone has a hint of a frenzied Pandemonium blended into Extremities, Dirt And Various Repressed Emotions and the power of 2003’s Killing Joke– Tight, Tribal, Menacing and Majestic. – I can’t wait to hear this live and dance my arse off! Love it! Dawn Of The Hive – continues Killing Joke’s supercharged aural assault. F*ck me what a great track love the change between guitar sounds. Geordie is on fire!

New Cold War – Epic trademark tight drumming from Big Paul, Jaz’s vocals are like a punch to the forehead, great mix of guitars and bass which will become yet another firm favourite. Love it!

Euphoria what a great song! If this had been released in the 80’s this may well have been in the top 10 (when the charts actually meant anything) If you loved In Cytheria you will be in heaven when you hear this. I hope they will be playing this live on their forthcoming tour! This will be hit with the gatherers and new fans alike! Great guitars from Geordie. A classic Killing Joke track! New Jerusalem – Starts with a heavier, slower than usually chop chop guitar, the baggy keyboards, and Jazz is almost rapping and then bang and it reminds me of Rammstein – A very different Killing Joke song but still Killing Joke! Nice! War On Freedom – a mixture of the classic Joke guitar sound and Geordie showing a new level of guitar greatness. Tight drums and bass and perfect vocals from Jaz! Big Buzz – Another great slice of powerhouse postpunk pop blackened by the Killing Joke sound. Amazing! Delete A powerhouse performance from Big Paul, blistering chop chop guitars, tight bass and the perfect vocal delivery and we have yet another classic Killing Joke track. Love it!

I Am The Virus – a very angry song against bankers, propaganda, and political manipulation with the anger and fury captured perfectly in a song to burn down any dancefloor. Epic! Into The Inknown – Finds yet another level of frenzied musical brilliance that will leave you breathless.

If you only buy one album this year – Buy Pylon! And make sure you catch Killing Joke in their full musical fury and fire live on their forthcoming tour between 25th Oct to 6th Nov 2015!