The Briton E.P completes Sieben’s triology of digital E.P releases. The master of the Violin loop opens his new E.P with the ritualistic Modron a song derived form the celtic goddess Matrona. Some say may have been a prototype for Morgan le Fay from the Arthurian legend. The stuff of Legends and that is just Matt’s musicianship! Hillfort Mindset continues the ritualistic invocation which will appeal to fans of Wardruna.
Come, Raven King – is my favourite track on the E.P reminds of classic silent screen cinema. After twenty-five years of continual strife and bloodshed and the beginning of a century long war between Briton and Saxon. Merlin is tasked with raising the future king Arthur. Great track! We Wait 2016 is an updated version of old classic reinvigorated with a new musical passion by Matt. If must you see one new live act this year make sure it’s Sieben!