About Dj De’Ath

Resident DJ @ Black Veil Leeds UK  + Darklands York UK + The Haunted Crypt York UK. Over 25 years DJ experience in the UK & Overseas. DJ/mixer of chart topping Black veiled podmix on Mixcloud.com

1977 – 1989

DJ DeAth got into music with the birth of punk around 1977 when as a school kid he used to borrow The Sex Pistols, The Stranglers, Ultravox, Skids, The Ruts, and The Human League albums and singles from his friends to play on his mum’s battered record player. In 1979 he progressed into listening Ska ,2-tone, punk, and reggae. Some of the first singles he bought were Nuclear Device – The Stranglers, Something That I Said – The Ruts, Gangsters – The Special AKA, The Prince – Madness, and Lip Up Fatty – Bad Manners. He first flirtation with fashion saw him kitted out as rudeboy wearing Fred Perry’s, DM’s, braces with either a MA-1 bomber jacket, a badge adorned Harrington jacket, or a Crombie and sometimes a trilby hat. He spent a lot of time putting mix tapes together for friends from his fast growing record collection.

When the Specials split and became The Funboy Three in 1981 De’Ath found himself listening to lots of different bands which weren’t the mainstream disco or metal/ MOR fodder.

By 1983 De’Ath had moved onto listening to Big Country, A Flock Of Seagulls, Siouxsie & The Banshees, U2, Simple Minds, The Alarm to name a few.

In 1984 DeAth attended his first gig Big Country & The Cult at the NEC in Birmingham. In Feb 1985 DeAth saw Killing Joke on their epic Nightime Tour supported by Ellory Bop at the Refectory at Leeds Uni, and that was moment he connected with his Darkside and embraced Goth.

From this point on he fully immersed himself into live music attending 5 or 6 gigs most weeks whilst continuing to amass a large vinyl collection and hundreds of band T-Shirts.

1990 – …

By the early 90’s after the last 3 big goth bands in the UK Nosferatu, Rosetta Stone and The Dream Disciples- De’Ath had a hunger for live music which often found him listening to newer bands like Therapy?, The Levellers, Danzig, That Petrol Emotion, REM, L7 but at the same time thanks to a number of pen friends in Europe he was able to swap live recordings and mixtapes and he was introduced to the likes of Goethes Erben, Phil Boa & the Voodo Club, The Angina Pectoris, Love Like Blood and The Garden Of Delight.

After visiting Belgium and Holland De’Ath returned with his first CD’s. He then came across Nightbreed Records in Nottingham and started spending between £100- £150 on CD’s most weeks as well as travelling all over the UK to support the new wave of Gothic events like The Carnival Of Souls, Caged Bat events, The Merecat, Sacrosanct, Whitby Goth weekend to name a few.

By the mid to late 90’s De’Ath was visiting the new heart of Goth music Germany, attending The Bizarre Festival, Zillo festival and The Wave Gotik Treffen festival to name a few.

Being a regular visitor to The Phono in Leeds and being encouraged by friends to share the great new music he had acquired on his travels he decided to do a guest slot on Sunday 4th July 1999 ,which went down a storm. So much so, that he along with a couple of friends decided to launch his own Goth night Black Out in Harrogate. After four events at different venues and other guest appearances in-between, Black Veil was launched in Jan 2001 at the Adelphi in Leeds. Due to the success of the night De’Ath was invited to appear at events across the UK, Europe and America. De’Ath also got involved in co running an alternative event with DJ Batastrophe called The Prophecy in Knaresborough and The Wirral. De’Ath also jointly ran The Haunted Crypt night in York with DJ Batastrophe. De’Ath was resident with DJ Batastrophe at York’s No1 Gothic night Darklands. De’Ath currently is resident at Black Veiled a virtual broadcast on Mixcloud and features at live events across Europe and the UK. De’Ath is currently based in Europe working on some new exciting Projects such as Ghost Rider and ShadowCult  and is open to event collaborations.

Dj De’Ath plays a unique deathwave™ mix of  Gothic / Dark alternative  featuring old gems and new classics from across the black planet, black world of  Goth Rock + Deathrock + Cold Wave + Mittelealter + Neofolk + Batcave + Punk + Electro + Dark Romantics + Darkwave + Alternative 80’s + Wave + Post Punk + Ethereal + Dark Folk + Ritual + Industrial + EBM + Classical + Gothabilly + Psychobilly + Horror Punk + J-Goth.

Why you should book DJ De’Ath

The best thing about DJ De’Ath is the way he weaves together a dark and mesmerizing tapestry of music. His skill lies not only in selecting tracks but also in creating an atmosphere that transports listeners to mysterious realms. When he’s behind the decks, the dance floor becomes a portal to otherworldly experiences.

Imagine standing in a dimly lit club, surrounded by fellow enthusiasts, as DJ De’Ath spins a blend of Goth rock, deathrock, and New wave. The bass reverberates through your chest, and the haunting melodies wrap around you like a velvet cloak. Each beat resonates with the collective heartbeat of the crowd, and time seems to lose its grip.

DJ De’Ath’s passion is contagious. He doesn’t merely play songs; he conjures emotions. As the night unfolds, he seamlessly transitions from Darkwave to post-punk, from ethereal to industrial. The dance floor becomes a ritual space, where attendees surrender to the music, their movements guided by unseen forces.

And then there’s his signature mix, deathwave™—a sonic journey that defies boundaries. It’s a fusion of old and new, a bridge between eras. When the first notes hit, you’re no longer in a club; you’re in a timeless dreamscape. The crowd sways, lost in the melodies, and DJ De’Ath stands at the center, orchestrating this beautiful chaos.

But perhaps the true magic lies in his connection with the audience. DJ De’Ath isn’t distant; he’s immersed. He feels the pulse of the room, anticipates desires, and responds intuitively. When a beloved track emerges, it’s as if he plucked it from your soul. And when the night ends, you leave with echoes of his music etched into your being.

So, the best thing about DJ De’Ath? It’s the way he transcends mere entertainment. He becomes a guide, leading us through shadows and starlight, reminding us that music isn’t just sound—it’s a conduit for the unseen and the sublime.

DJ De’Ath is known for specializing in gothic and alternative music mixes, demonstrating a deep understanding and appreciation for these genres from his support and love of live music. Hiring a DJ with expertise in the specific style of music you desire ensures a tailored and authentic experience for your event.  De’Ath is versatile and able to adapt to different crowds and settings. Whether it’s a club night, a festival, or a private event, a DJ who can read the room and curate a suitable playlist to connect with the audience, creating an immersive experience that resonates with the crowd to deliver a satisfying and memorable performance. DJ De’Ath is currently planning events to celebrate 25 years of DJing – join the celebration and contact DJ De’Ath!

DJ De’Ath has played live sets and been interviewed on Radio shows in
Prague/Czech Republic

Interviewed on MTV in Bulgaria
Interviewed on Polish televison

Numerous alternative events across the UK in Bradford, Edinburgh, Harrogate, Knaresborough, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Wakefield, Whitby, York and few other places.

Dominion Dublin Eire 27.05.2000
Strygar *Black Veil special* Avantgarde Vienna Austria 19.08.2000
The Base *Black Veil special* Hannover, Germany 03.03.2001
Dark Nation Day festival Planet Music, Vienna, Austria 26.01.2002
Gothcon festival New Orleans USA 30.03.2002
The Castle Party festival Bolkow Poland 28.07.2002
Dark Nation Day festival, Plant Music, Vienna, Austria 01+02.11.2002
Strains Of Dementia *Black Veil special* Monastery, Vienna, Austria 31.01.2003
Kunigunda Lunaria festival Vilnius, Lithuania 03+04.05.2003
Nacht Des Schwarzen Schmetterlings *Black Veil special* Kulturruine, Karlsruhre, Germany 31.05.2003
*Black Veil special* Wave Gothic Treffen festival, Moritzbastei, Leipzig, Germany 08.06.2003
The Castle Party festival, Bolkow, Poland 27.07.2003
Menuo Juodaragis festival, Kernavė, Lithuania 22+25.08.2003
Club Odd, Athens, Greece 31.10.2003
Temple Of Goths, Gdansk, Poland 05.12.2003
Black New Years Eve, Poznan, Poland 31.12.2003
Darkway festival, Minsk, Belarus 16.04.2004
Kunigunda Lunaria festival, Vilnius, Lithuania 01 + 02.05.2004
*Black Veil special* Wave Gothic Treffen festival, Moritzbastei, Leipzig, Germany 29.05.2004
Menuo Juodaragis festival, Kernavė, Lithuania 27+28+30.08.2004
*Black Veil special* Wave Gothic Treffen festival, Moritzbastei, Leipzig, Germany 05.05.2005
Gothpl 2 Festival, Warsaw, Poland 03.10.2005
Return Of The Living Dead MMV, Sofia, Bulgaria 31.10.2005
Gothic & Post Industrial festival “LOST WORLD” Minsk Belarus 10:11:06
Helloween II ,Moulin Rouge Club, Vilnius, Lithuania 11:11:06
Darkway Minsk Belarus 18.11.06
Creeper Fest, Vilnius, Moulin Rouge Club, Lithuania 03.02.2007
Creeper Fest 2, Moulin Rouge Club, Vilnius, Lithuania 22-24.02.2008
Dark Chamber Festival, Madrid, Spain 07.03.2008
Gothomania, Warsaw, Poland 29.03.2008
The Castle Party festival, Bolkow, Poland 22.07.2011
6th Prague Gothic Treffen, kluby XT3 Prague, Czech Republic 06.08.2011
Sanctuary Silvestr *Black Veil Special* Necrpolis Prague Czech Republic 31.12.11
Joy Disaster & Cabaret Grey Aftershow party Necropolis Prague Czech Republic 18.03.2012
Black Rose Ball De Grey Rooms York 07.09.2013 *G
Kalabalik på Tyrolen, Sweden 21-23.8.2014 *G
Black Rose Ball De Grey Rooms York Sat 13.09.2014 *G
10th Prague Gothic Treffen, Prague, Czech Republic 28-30.08.2015 *G
Bram Stoker International Film Festival Whitby 25.10.2015 *G
Bram Stoker International Film Festival Whitby 30.10 2016 *G
13th Prague Gothic Treffen, Prague, Czech Republic 24-26.08.2018 *G
15th Prague Gothic Treffen, Prague, Czech Republic 28-29.08.2020 *G
17th Prague Gothic Treffen,Prague, Czech Republic 26-27-08.2022 *G
Cold Hearted Festival Aftershow party Dresden 18-11-2023 *G
Darkmas II Haus Witten Aftershow party , Witten  08-06-2024 *G

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