Today marks the 14th anniversary of my appearance as a DJ and to mark the occassion here is a blast from the past and my first DJ night overseasDjing Vienna, AustriaDJ De’Ath & DJ The Worm Wien 2000

If memory serves me correct it was 30c inside The Avantgarde, started at 10.00pm and finished at 8am. The place was packed as it was a party for everyone long before the segregated genre parties which are now common place. It was also my first taste of chilled Jaegermeister a great time in Vienna 馃槈

DJ De’Ath & Kalysto Strygar Avantgarde Wien De’AthList 19-08-00

Bethany/Fairytale –The Last Dance
Somebody –Escape With Romeo
Consecrated Lover –Aurora Sutra
The Plague –Flesh Field
Changes –Lame Immortelle
Phenomina of Visitation –Die Form
What difference does it make –The Smiths
Sweet 666 –HIM
Die Braut in Regen(fiction8 mix) –Sanguis et Cinis
Lie –Fading Colours
Shattered in Aspect –Faith and the Muse
A Forest-One
Threshold –Dead Can Dance
Little Black Angel –Death In June
Lucifer Over London –Current 93
March of Brian Buru –Blood Axis
The War Against Sleep – The Cassandra Complex
On the other side –Silke Bischoff
skudrinka –Corvus Corax
Father Forgive(remix) –Will
Futile –Velvet Acid Christ
Sebastian –Sex Gang Children
Temptation –Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Faith Healer –The Bollock Brothers
Painted Black –Mephisto Waltz
Bombed The World –Ghosting
San Diago –Eternal Afflict

Serpents Kiss –The Mission
Kiss and Tell –Love Like Blood
Our Friends Electric –Tubeway Army
Totentanz –Mondsucht
DeathWish(wishful death mix) –Christian Death
Behind The Wheel –Suspiria
Inside The Machine –Yendri
This World (c.o.x remix) –Clan of Xymox
No God On Earth 2 –The House Of Usher
Boy Sinister –The Merry Thoughts
SnakeDance –The March Violets
Burn Sinister –Killing Miranda
Return –Deine Lakaien
Sin –Dead Souls Rising
Care of the Devil –Dream Disciples
Never Trust A Klingon –S.P.O.C.K
Black Goddess –Seelenkrank
Chord Of Souls –Fields of the Nephilim
Grimly Fiendish –The Damned
Ich Bin der Brennede Komet –Lacrimosa
Chosen Few –Kreator
Lucifers Garden(remix) –Evils Toy
Grey Lady Mourn –Brother Orchid
Exultation –Cubanate
Siren- Nosferatu
Love Like Blood –Killing Joke
Mean Machine –The Cramps
True Faith –Dreadful Shadows
Nazarene –The Wake
Deception –Cruxshadows
Untitled –The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud
Valrulven –Garmana
Hear me Calling –De/Vison
Odio en El Alma –Hocico
Sleepwalk –Ultravox
Feuer,Erde Feuer,Wind und Wasser –Forthcoming Fire
Submission –Paradox
Fernes Leid,Finstere Zeit –Calva Y Nada
Command and Conquer –Puissance
Heartworms –Coil
Temple Of Wisdom –Garden of Delight
Black Planet –Sisters Of Mercy
Alice –The Shroud
An Untold Release –This Burning Effigy
Of A Heaven (what remains) –Judith
Candyman –Siouxsie and the Banshees
Gimme Gimme -The Leather Nun
Hades Pluton- Sopor Aeternus
Love Will Tear Us Apart-Kismet
Greenward Grey –Cinema Strange
Thorns –Wumpscut
Der Leiermann –Covenant
Legion –VNV Nation
I Ran –Sunshine Blind
You Spin me round –Dead or Alive
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang –Specimen
In Between Days –The Cure
No Order –Chiron
Never Go –Girls under Glass
Intercourse with The Vampyre –Inkubus Sukubus
Kiss my shadow- In strict Confidence
Souls –Project Pitchfork
Desert Winds of Jezebel –Autumn
Nocturne- Paralysed Age
Shadowplay –Joy Division
LaGartia Nick –Bauhaus
No Tears –Tuxedomoon
Pagan Lovesong –The Virgin Prunes
90’s –Star industry
An eye for the Main Chance –Rosetta Stone
Your Best Nightmare –London After Midnight
King –Kiss the Blade
Louise –Clan of Xymox
Moonchild –Fields of the Nephilim
She Sells Sanctuary –The Cult
Resurrection –Brotherhood of Pagans
Hollow –Children On Stun
Heaven –Psychedelic Furs
Bad Trash –Switchblade Symphony
Nur Fur Dich –Illuminate
Black Roses(remix)-Ikon
Standing –VNV Nation
Requiem –Two Witches
The Eyes of Umaryllis –The Escape
Ghost in My Head- Ikon
Killing Fields(Killed Mix)-Funker Vogt
Wait for Nothing- The Frozen Autumn
Aphelion –Diary Of Dreams
Signals(signals vers) –VNV Nation