I am very happy to announce I will back DJing @ The Prague Gothic Treffen in August full details and how to purchase tickets here PGT Prague 2022 . This year see’s the only festival to beat Covid and keep the festival running, the only one in Europe if not the world, due to the magic of Prague and the hard work of the Sanctuary CZ crew Sanctuary CZ keeping Prague Goth. This year the festival continues to grow and has relocated to it’s own Island in Prague – Štvanice island with two venues Fuchs and Bike Jesus which have a nice old school punk feel and will host the events on this years great festival.

Another great mix of bands features Christian Death, Kaelan Mikla, The Frozen Autumn, Selofan, Wulfband, The Last days of Jesus, Wisborg, Her Own world, Paar, KSY, Natural Brutalismus and Isiolia. Something for everyone as there is a Goth picnic and finally the live bats 😉 I am currently working on special set so ensure you fetch your dancing boots it’s going to be another epic weekend in Prague!!!!!!!