7JK the project feat Matt Howden (Sieben) and Maciek Frett (Job Karma) return with their second album Ride The Solar Tide which will be released in Nov 2016. The album opens with Ride The Solar Tide an amazing soundscape with almost whale like siren washing across the senses, as the sonic tension builds and then we are launched on a flight to the dancefloor. Great samples and loops. Love it! The Centre Of The Universe reminds in places of Near Earth Orbit but with the aerodynamics of the violin. Nice! Barry The Astonishing has all the marks of classic Sieben ballad but with a sublime polished electronic undercurrent which drives the song along like a throbbing heartbeat.Great! Dark Energy seems to have a backbone of an electronic typewriter with swirls of violins and drifting vocals. Nice! Guidance Is Internal like a raging fever this track will burn through your senses. Love it! Slow Flow Snowflake has almost a hint of Chris and Cosey topped off with luscious threads of violin. Epic! Black Hole Entropy Hawking samples, delicate electronics, Violins, and Matt’s vocals are put through the particle accelerator to create ambient aural perfection! The Next Great Page continues the drift through dark ambience. Undergrowth has a dark hint of early Die Form and will create a strong magnectic pull towards the dancefloor. Love it! Starseed continues the gyration to the astral dancefloor. A couple of clubmixes of tracks would hook even a wider audience. A great follow up to their debut album.

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