If you are like me a lover of live music and DJ club nights, you will be greatly missing live events as no matter how many live streams your watch it’s just not the same and once the novelty wares off it becomes tiresome.

I am also not a fan of drive in concerts as for me it’s the same as having a CD on in your car.

Governments across the globe seem to be clueless or uninterested in getting indoor and outdoor live music events going. The biggest challenge faces live indoor events as Covid-19 is easier to catch in an enclosed space. What makes it worse for indoor events is the humidity, condensation and filth that gathers in indoor venues (e.g sticky floors)

I have djed and attended gigs in sweatbox venues with poor ventilation/ air circulation, where floors have been slippy and condensation has formed on decks and CD’s which seems prevalent in venues with low ceilings and poor ventilation. These venues should not re-open until Covid is under control from a vaccine. The below is based on what scientists and governments have told the public so far about the virus. There is still a lot unknown about the virus.

So my suggestions for reopening indoor event places to protect people but at the same time getting live music going again would be as follows:

1. Masks to be compulsory for venue staff, DJ’s, bands and attendees. Security would need to enforce this and eject people breaching the mask rule.
2. Masks must be worn before entering the venue and you must buy one at the door and put on a mask before entering or you will be denied admission with no refund.
3. Hand sanitiser should be available throughout the venue.
4. Masks should be worn when using the toilets with hand sanitiser available.
5. Ideally drinks should be served in an outside space whilst keeping 1-2 metres apart. Masks may be removed as the risk is reduced in the open air.
6. Drinks should not be served inside as increases spread of virus when people remove their masks inside.
7. Smoking/Vaping would be only allowed in smoking areas at the smokers risk. Anyone vaping in the venue would removed by security.
8. Unfortunately venue capacities will also be expected to be reduced to accommodate some social distancing.
9. Ticket prices will go up for lower capacities.
10. Tickets would have to be bought in advance to ensure capacity is limited to meet social distancing. Venues will need to ensure names, addresses, card sets are kept securely to comply with GDPR.
11. If you are ejected for not wearing a mask you will be placed on a banning list which would free up capacity for those who want to follow the the compulsory wearing of masks.
12. If social distancing is removed for music events, attendees should sign a waiver the same as for airsoft which acknowledges the risk of attending and protects the organiser from being sued if they catch the virus.
13. Venues will need to be cleaned to higher standard than they were. All surfaces including walls and ceiling would need to disinfected after each event.
14. Another option might be to have the dj’s in a perspex booth and bands play behind a perspex screen sealed off from the audience, so as to be seen but not touched. Once behind these screen the performers could remove their masks but they must ensure they have them on when leaving these areas.

To move forward it does mean more control of what we do and where we go, and the government having that information.