End Of Our Days is the stunning debut album from Greece’s AFTER DUSK. One of the best Gothic Rock albums since Elusive’s Destination Zero! On my fourth listen and still growing. Definately more exciting than a lot of Goth Rock bands that have reformed or are producing diluted musical offerings compared to their former glories.
The album is laden with songs which have the potential to become Gothic dancefloor hits. My favourite tracks on the album are Strange Aeon Signs – the perfect album opener. End Of Our Days – great Gothic Rock guitar hook. Under Dismay – damn catchy love it!. The Bitter Love captures the spirit of the great band “Into The Abyss” wow! Ghouls In Disguise -possibly the best track on the album and should blow a hole in any dancefloor! The Seas Of Infinity has sparks of classic Mission mixed with Fields Of The Nephilim. Great programming! Midnight pure Gothic rock power! Take Me Far Away – another contender for best track on the album great guitar riff and hook. With Curses And Dreams this could also be regarded as the best track on the album yet again a perfect match between great vocal delivery, guitars and programming. Love it! Raise Your Eyes yet another track to ignite the dancefloor! Revelations Of Rebirth Gothic rock cranked up to 11 ! Nosferatu – A great choice for a cover of one of my favourite gothic artist’s Paul Roland songs. Criminally neglected in his native UK by DJ’s and the Gothic music scene. I think this cover will get people interested in his music again 馃槈

AFTER DUSK3 talented musical Fingers in a Black Leather Glove who deliver a mighty Gothic Rock punch!


Recommended for fans of The Sisters Of Mercy, Fields Of The Nephilim, The Mission UK, Star Industry, Nosferatu, Malaise, Meridian, Elusive, Funhouse, The Merry Thoughts, Catherines Cathedral, The Cascades, The Wake, Sons Of The Neverland, XIII. Stoleti, Love Like Blood, Ghostdance, Age Of Heaven, Dryland, The 69 Eyes, Dreadful Shadows, Salvation, Dronning Maud Land, Secret Discovery, Seraphim Shock, Paralysed Age, Into The Abyss, Dream Disciples, Pronoian Made, Bay Laurel, Ikon, The House Of Usher, Garden Of Delight, Swans Of Avon, The Cult, Gothic Rock

For those lucky enough to be attending Darklands @ The Fulford Arms York on Saturday 14th Dec 2013 I will have copies of the album (Ltd Edition of 1000) and badges to be won in the raffle.
“Cecrops” “Akis L” “Preacherman”