Posthuman is Ash Code‘s follow up to their storming 2014 debut album Oblivion .Opening with the infectious pumping drums and bass, and waves of synth It’s time To Face The Abyss like a fine wine Ash Code seem have matured and perfected their darkwave/ coldwave sound. What a great track! Love it!

Nite Rite ensures frenzied feet will be all over the dancefloor especially “In the Night”simple perfect darkwave postpunk perfection as catchy as hell! Great! Challenging The Sea – Reaches even greater heights with waves of guitars crashing against the jagged cliff of synths and deft drum programming. Another postpunk fist to smash the dancefloor. Love it! Insensitive– has lovely 80’s vibe in the synths, possibly a hint of The Stranglers spliced to Depeche Mode. Vocals in places remind me of Passion Noire Nice one! Sand – keeps the pull to the dancefloor very much to the fore. Love the synths! The title track Posthuman is up next for some reason reminds me a bit of an uptempo Real Wild Child fused with Rituel Kin Ell! Epic! The Last Stop see’s still no respite for those who might have tired feet, again with hint of 80’s/ Early Depeche Mode in the synths but more frenzied. Great! Alone In Your Dance – reminds me a bit of A Handful Of Snowdrops or Athamay another track to blitz the dancefloor! Fragments – sounds like a inovative musical duet between The Cure and Depeche Mode. Great track!

Tide– is a dream for Cure fans. Love it! A New Dawn – brings the album to a close fine witha flourish of in Your face synths. A great second album! Buy it now!