Beastmilk released their debut album “Climax” at the end of the last year with a lot of hype with comparisons being made to Joy Division, Killing Joke, Echo & The Bunnymen & Pete Murphy. After hearing the album I couldn’t endorse these references, as Beastmilkbeastmilkbw6 have their own unique sound but the question is would they be any good live?

I travelled down to Nottingham to see Beastmilk at Bodega. The venue was upstairs, but despite it’s small size it was perfectly laid out with great acoustics and a sound engineer to match. It even had Koppaberg available ;). Beastmilk opened like a bullet fired from the chamber of a gun with The Wind Blows Through Their Skullsbeastmilkbw4
The mix on their Climax album doesn’t do the Beastmilk justice as they have a lot higher level of controlled musical power live and from the off they just blew me away! beastmilk3 The true power and range of Kvohst’s vocal is revealed live coupled with a mesmerising stage presence a sort of cross between Wolverine & darker Eddie Munster Next Came You Are Under Our Control Great live track! Void Mother & Fear Your Mind followed really impressed with tightness of bass by Arino and drumming by Paile! beastmilkbw7
Next came one of my favourite tracks as it was the first track I heard by BeastmilkChildren Of The Atom Bomb great live track!beastmilk5 Goatspeed the guitar engine driving the band onward prowls the stage with menace. Surf The Apocalypse came next. Exceptional live delivery again despite the small audience the band gave a 110%!beastmilkbw5 Next came Ghost Out Of Focus followed by another epic live track Death Reflects US it’s easy to see from this that Beastmilk can only get bigger!beastmilk7 Beastmilk will be one of the main highlights at this years WGT in Leipzig! The band then followed this with their anthem Love In A Cold World a great song an easily a 13/10 song live!beastmilkbw2 Nuclear Winter came next comes across live a lot better than on CD great. It can also be found in my latest pod mix. Great drumming again!beastmilk6 It was then time for the last song of the night due to the strict curfew as I am sure the band would have liked to have a done an encore. The set was over and done too soon with the last song beastmilkbwGenocidal Crush I hope it won’t be long until I see Beastmilkbeastmilk2 live again and next time with some gigs across Yorkshire 馃槈beastmilk8
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