Ľahká Múza are back with their 6th album “BYŤ TVOJÍM ZRKADLOM”(To Be Your Mirror) which comes in an embossed silver digi pack. Ľahká Múza formed in 1984 with their roots in post punk & new wave in the former Czechoslovakia. One of the pioneers of Eastern European dark music.
After nine year since the last Ľahká Múza album Evohe heralds the start of the new album. What a great track Gudrun still has the powerful controlled sirenlike vocals,the trademark militaristic drums, mesmerising programming and the deft delicate ritual guitars switching to blistering pulses 677 Is on fire! Wow! Ako(Like) there is true power and emotion in the Slovak language which would be lost if the songs were sung in English. This song is the equivalent of turning everything up to 11 as Ľahká Múza sound like they are reborn with a new flaming passion. This song won’t just make the hairs on your neck stand up but it will have them swaying along medusa fashion! An opus indeed. Hranica(border) possibly one of the best songs they have ever written and definately one of my favourites. Again some great musical composition, piano and strings combine and add an orchestral undertone. Great vocals and more blistering guitar work from 677. This is a masterpiece of Darkfolk/Neofolk/Darkwave!!!!!!Love it! Pribeh O Anjelskych Zahradach(The Story Of The Angels Garden) another passion filled power song from Gudrun & 677 which includes some delicate tickling of the ivories. Epic! Music in the right hands can give you so much positive energy and you will feel this after listening to this firebrand opus! Byt Tvojim Zradklom( To Be Your Mirror) is the title track and has a great intro which then gives way to the re-energised Ľahká Múza great programming and mixing of guitars including some luxurious minimal electro sparks and added synth choir. Again a favourite and one of their best songs so far!


Metamorfozy (metamorphosis) heralds a slight drop in tempo with almost psychedelic guitars against a slow militaristic drum mixing with an accordion which works really well and then a blistering chorus spike. Later there is a deft tinkling of a glockenspiel and supreme vocals from Gudrun !!!! Zlomeny Kamen (A Broken Stone) is another track which will literally blow you away and I can see this becoming popular on the dark dancefloor! Great lyrics too which are included as pdf on the CD 😉 Again one of my favourite songs on the album and one of their best songs ever! Zlyhania (Failure) Exquisite programming with a hint of 80’s wave, guitars and vocal delivery again another contender for the dancefloor! Ked Sny Kricali(When Dreams Were Screaming) the intro and the song have the quality and elegance of Dead Can Dance. Great! Naplnenie(Fulfilment) yet another classic from Ľahká Múza! Symetra (Symmetry) brings the album to a close with the haunting trademark style of Ľahká Múza I could see this being a future intro for live shows!
They say music is a drug and if that is the case I have just overdosed 11 times listening to this album! I could play this album until the CD wore out or my Hi-Fi caught fire. This is definately without doubt one of my top albums of 2013 if not the top! Damn infectious songs! Ľahká Múza’s best album so far!“BYŤ TVOJÍM ZRKADLOM”(To Be Your Mirror) by Ľahká Múza is released on 15th Sept 2013. and is strongly recommended for fans of Darkfolk, Neofolk, Ritual, Martialled folk, Rosa Crvx, Sopor Aeternus, Dark music.