raubbau-raub026-x6In the last death throes of 2014 Coph Nia gave the signal of reanimation, blowing the dust of the gathering shadows of darkness and from the depths came forth A Prelude To Lashtal Lace. Absence seems to have darkened Aldenon even further with his Neo-Occult-Folk-Classical-DarkPop now polished to perfection. Lashtal Lace is a beautiful black menacingly melancholic masterpiece. Mother Of Songs – A neoclassical hymn for the damned conjuring the perfect sinister soundscape. One of the things that has always greatly impressed me about Coph Nia and made them one of the stand out bands when they were on Cold Meat Industry, is Aldenon’s ability to take a well known song, deconstruct the music element completly and like  Baron Frankenstein constructs a monster of such magnificence, as to leave one breathless. Here we find New Order’s In A Lonely Place wreathed in the depths of velvet darkness, creating the soundscape of the most desolate, depressive and lonely place on the planet. An Epic track! The E.P closes with a Seancetronica remix of Lashtal Lace.


raubbau-raub027-x6More than 7 years since Coph Nia’s last album on Cold Meat Industry sees Rabbau having the good fortune to release possibly the best Coph Nia album so far! The album opens with the marshalled-occult-folk-darkpop sound of I shall Be No More. Great! Lashtal Lace is naturally included leaving it’s melancholic stain upon the ear. Love it! Next comes a cover of Pete Shelley’s Homo Sapien given a complete bombastic reconstruction – neoclassical, Neo-Occult what a fantastic cover!  Hearing this live would be a defining moment in music! Love it! All My Filth – is from 2011 and has a riff which just burns into the soul. I think the original version appears on Visions Of Love & Death. Great Track! In Colour – a dreamy neoclassical sky above a marshalled folk landscape marches into the dark void. Lovely! Glass House – The sound of breaking glass, sparse spaced instrumentation. Welcome to a dark trip! A Sonnet – a majestic mix of of occult inspired lyrics and a soundscape to invoke the unseen. Love it!  Little Death – a darkfolk / darkpop classic! Alone And Godless – A delightful dirge of lonlines wrapped with monastic chants that summons very dark shadows. Epic! The Dreamer – if Edgar Allen Poe had written music it would sound like this. The perfect ending to a perfect album! Rumour has it that Coph Nia might be appearing at the WGT in Leipzig which would be a very special event indeed !


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