Date At Midnight release their third album ‘Fading into This Grace’ on 3rd May 2024 through Manic Depression Records. They clearly seem to be keeping the tradition of great releases coming from Italy this year. The album opens with Rendez-vous pumping punked up postpunk to pound the dancefloor to a pulp! Epic! This Affection sees the tempo drop slightly with a beautifully crafted goth song which has a great switch to pulsing deathrock / new wave for the last 1.45 seconds.Wow!

Another Graceis like Rozz Williams era Christian Death but with whole new level of deathrock power. Love it! No Contract -Red Zone – sees the tempo drop down to Sisters of Mercy intro and driving bass to match. Really some great work on the guitars that captures the ghost of 90s Gothic Rock perfectly! Nice!

No Need To Define – musically has lovely hint of Rosetta Stone but still sounding like a breath of fresh air. Goth 11/10! Useless Love – really some great musicianship which has the light shone on it by some great mastering by William Faith reminds me of the very underrated band Black Atmosphere from the 90s. Great! Carmilla – has an almost Cure like dark pop bounce to it. Lovely! The Privation – has a spooky desolate feel hints of Fields of The Nephilim. Nice! The Line keeps The Fields Of The Nephilim fire burning into the smoke machine drenched night. Fantastic!

Daniele,Pasquale,Francesco and Manuel have easily produced not only their best album so far, but one of the top 10 Goth albums of 2024! A Gothic masterpiece! One to catch live this year.

This album is one Date you should not miss! So what you waiting for get your copy here Date At Midnight – Fading Into This Grace