Susurrus Lake
is the follow up to Diodati’s stunning last album “Diem supremum obire” which I was lucky enough to get a copy of to play @ The Haunted Crypt in York. The album opens to the slighly requiemesque Der Dom, a subtle electronic spark ignites the fuse on a slow burning classical piano whilst the flames of Cello lick all around with the occassional crackle of drums and with an incendary burst at the end. Beautiful! Maskenball – is sung in French and features deft piano and harpsichord playing against the racing Kontrabass and soaring cello. A fitting piece for any ball. Despair again harnesses some subtle electronic elements, musically reminds of music that accompanied the golden age of the silent screen. Great vocal delivery this time in English. Burning strings illuminate this piece! Near – The tempo drops and vocally reminds me of a more polished “Spiritual Front”. Almost a walz sung in English once more. The tempo changes after a couple of mins into a frenzy of passionate strings! Elis continues the neo dark romantic feel. This time sung in German. Die Huerenkoenigin is again in German and features a duet with Sonja Kruashofer dark and very atmospheric! Susurrus Lake – the title track is another brilliant instrumental which would be not out of place giving feelings to a silent movie. You keeps the dark romantic feel flowing this time in English. Towards the end there is almost Rosa Crvx like flash of drums. Pandora’s Biggest Failure – possible my favourite track on the album, very good English lyrics and almost a mist of The Doors seems to hang around the song. Great! Das Karusell – switches back to German sounds like an almost out of tune well used music box colliding with a classical psychotic walz.Nice! Shades – reminds me of Voltaire in a blender with Spiritual Front and curelike horns! Fuer Den Taenzer – is another slow atmospheric instrumental. Flicker – Brings the album to a close a subtle harmonic close!
I hope Diodati will get the chance to play on next years WGT in Leipzig as it will be a packed and electric atmosphere! A great album perfect for a dark winters night by candlelight or to heard in a grand ballroom! Thanks to Diodati and my good friends @ Korpeschall records there will be a chance to win copies of the album @ Darklands, The Fulford Arms on Sat 11th January 2014 馃槈

Recommended for fans of Dark classical music, Darkfolk, Sieben, Rasp, Chamber, Rosa Crvx, Sopor Aeternus, Goethes Erben, The Doors, Jo Quail, Spritual Front, Voltaire, The Tiger Lillies, Silent movie filmscores & New Romantics.

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