Since their formation and first release in 2020, Ductape have released  two cracking albums Labirent in 2021 and Ruh in 2022 which has led to them bursting onto the live music scene and delivering sonic pulsing performances on their travels across the world. Now it’s time for Ductape to release their third album Echo Drama in 2024.

The album opens with the first single released from the album Red Scar blistering new wave guitars, pumping drums and bass with vocals that like a  mesmeric siren surf the darkwave soundscape. This  will instantly ignite any dancefloor. The track shows just how much their songs have progressed, it’s one of their best and should be played as often as She Past Away or Lebanon Hanover! Closer Has a New Order like pumping backbone to it, capturing the brilliance of 80s New Wave dancefloor smashes with a killer guitar riff! Love it!  The Unknown reaches a new level of frenzied intensity with a sprinkling of Xmal Deutschland and This Mortal Coil surfing the darkwave of sound. Epic!

Evil Me  has a beefed up 4AD sound. Cocteau Twins like guitars swirl around pumping bass and drums with perfect dreamy vocals . Wow!

Veil of Lies is the second single released from the album and another track to rip up the darkened New wave/Darkwave/Gothic dancefloor. Lovely!

Anafor is the their third single from the album. The song is sung in native Turkish and the title means small whirlpool. Has a hint of Tears For Fears in the intro and outro. A pumping modern New Wave/ postpunk classic to get feet bouncing on the dancefloor!  Duvar or Wall is again sung in native Turkish and sees the frantic pace on the previous tracks give way to a melancholic wall of darkwave again hints of This Mortal Coil and Drab Majesty Beautiful! The album comes to a close with Insan Senfonisi or Human Symphony. Has a hint of Propaganda’s Dr Mabuse or Visage in a similar vein to the track Night Train. A great track which echoes of the glory days of 80s New Wave. The person who mixed this album has done a great job as this already contender for one of the best albums to be released in 2024. If you are in the UK in August you will be able to catch Ductape rocking Infest in Bradford!

The album is released on 1st March 2024 and can be purchased here

Swiss Dark Nights

Earlier releases can be purchased here