East Of The Stars the new release from Sean Bowley’s Eden and the follow up to the mesmerising album The Edge Of Winter released 3 years ago. The album opens with a stunning instrumental Choral Matins an epic soundscape of shimmering guitars washing over the heartbeat like drum. The track continues to build reminding me of The Church, Cactus World News and The Chameleons at their best. Crank the stereo up to 11 and let the brilliant musical tide crash over you. Love this opening track! Searching For Angels Hands continues the classic 80’s guitar wave sound draped in Sean’s velvet vocals. Uplifting melancholic magic! Guardian has sprinkles of guitar akin to The Mission, Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil and Wiretrain – pure sonic seduction. Rainwashed – A Hymnlike mantra to better times when the current plague days are over. Fingers of guitar from The Edge’s early U2 days adorn the end of this track and brings the A-Side of the album to a close. The second side opens with the title track East Of The Stars a shoegazed seranade. Great! All The Time In The World – A lovely wall of chorus, reverb,and delay melts into darkpop Psychodelia. An anthemn for current times weaving sorrow down your spine…… Hymns And Mist – musically this reminds me of All About Eve perhaps a hint of The Cure tinged keyboards topped with Sean’s unique vocals. Epic! Stone Cat – A gothic masterpiece awash and swirled with hints of The Mission, The Doors, and Siouxsie and The Banshees A great end to a great album! Would have been one to see at the WGT 2020 fingers crossed WGT 2021 happens with Eden on the bill.

Get your copy from https://edenseanbowley.bandcamp.com/album/east-of-the-stars