EUZEN from Denmark play progressive electronic pop with a clear Nordic tone. Drawing inspiration from several styles including classical music, hard rock, electro pop and folk. Metamorph is Euzens’s 3rd album release.

The album opens with The Stage a mixture of bombastic future sci-fi synths and rich tapestry of bass, drums and guitar which threaten to crash like a mighty wave on the aural shore. Sprinkles of piano keys are like a fine sea mist and the way Maria’s vocals are spliced with the synths conjure up the beautiful majesty and addictive powerful sound of the killer whales lament. Epic vocal delivery in a very unique style. Love it! The Order reminds me a bit of early Collide maybe a hint of Rya or Bjork in Maria’s lush vocal range. An addictive musical masterpiece with muted rock and classical brilliance to die for! Great! Mind – continues in Euzen‘s unique and highly original and addictive musical style. Wasted has more of rock tempo but still maintaining a great mix between the synths and rock instrumentation. Damn addictive and I can see this being a hit on any dark dancefloor. Love it!.

starts with an uber classical piano delivery which merges in a beautiful delivery of powerhouse dark pop which would appeal to fans of The Birthday Massacre or Emily Autumn. Love it and a great video too! Vis a Vis – If Pandora’s Box was musical it might sound like this. Nice! Metamorph – A neoclassical ballard mixed with memories of the early genius Ernst Horn (Deine Lakien, Qntal & Helium Vola) produce an electro folk classic! Love it! Me & My is highly addictive once in your head it will never escape! Ours is a stripped down ballard compared to the usual multilayered genius of the previous tracks. Nice! Words – rocks with a hint of folk in the arrangement. Great vocal delivery from Maria again! Mirage brings the album to a close in epic Euzen fashion which will have you hitting repeat on your CD deck. A great album that is easily a 13/10.

Definately a band to catch live at this year’s Amphi Festival if you didn’t see them in Leipzig at the WGT 馃槈