The Foreign Resort return with their follow up to their 2014 album – New Frontiers with a new EP The American Dream. The EP opens with a cracking track New Blood a blistering track to smash the dancefloor! The lush trademark guitars, bass, synths and programming are all to the fore with great vocals, with a hint of Robert Smith Wow! Surburban Depression is quite dark and depressive conjuring up the updated ghost of Joy Divison what an epic track for the dancefloor! Great! Onto Us reinvents 80’s new wave, more Goth than Sisters Of Mercy  what a great track! What a great band!

Under Bright Neon Stars  – A slightly less intense song reminds me of The Bravery and Strip Music Wow!
Skyline/Decay Dark Atmopsherics give way to a pumping track with a bass line which reminds of the underated band Wiretrain Fantastic! Surburban Depression (AO mix) brings the EP to a close. A good mix of a great track. Definately a 13/10 release. I look forward to catch then live when they return from the USA & Canada.