The Last Days Of Fenwyck is the latest album from Friends Of Alice Ivy.  The album opens with the title track Fenwyck which captures the essence of falling rain on a sparse autumnal day. Sweet melancholia to pluck on one’s heartstrings. Lovely. Blackthorn conjures a dark dreamscape to loose ones senses in.  Albion continues the downward spiral away from the light into the misty shadows of the endless forest. Love the slices of strings. The single Wycca  piano keys are delicately bathed in minimal electronics whilst strings rain down from above and angelic vocals circle overhead. A great track!

Rooks continues the heavenwardly ethereal drift on the wings of dark despair. Epic! Brambling has a hint of David Sylvian/ Japan in the composition. Great track. The best release so far from Kylie and Amps and I can visualize this being performed live on the stage of The Schauspielhause in Leipzig, during the Wave Gotik Treffen. Hopefully the organizers will feel the same way too 😉