Funhouse the masters of Goth N Roll or Swedens answer to The Mission as they were known as in the 90s  return with their fifth studio album Sometimes I Wish. The album opens with the cracking title track Sometimes I Wishan instant Goth Rock magnet that will pull you to the dancefloor! Blue Light delivers a high octane Gothic Rock boot stomper for the dancefloor with the same energy and passion of the 90s, the bass will send a shiver down your spine! Gothic Rock perfection! Hate You and here is proof that they are worthy of being compared to The Mission. Only three tracks in and I would recommend this album to any fan of Gothic Rock and The Mission. Another one to have you waving your arms on the Goth dancefloor. Great! Falling delivers another Gothic one two to the aural punchbag. Lovely! Bury My Heart sees a slight drop in tempo reminding me of a cross between Stay with Me and Dance on Glass like a moth dancing round the gothic flame! Dark & Stormy has the same dark Gothic guitar vibe as Deliverance. Wow! Do You Love Me Fvck me this is so good, what great mix of guitars and bass and drums! What Can I Say sees no rest for ones feet as its full steam ahead with this Gothic rock blast pumping has hints of Ghost during their best period of Infestissumam. Hell Yeah! Stay With You opens with a deft piano which is buried under the unstoppable avalanche of Goth N Roll another Gothic hammer to pulp the dancefloor! You and You Alone 110% Gothic rock! Great! You Will Never See My Tears brings the album to a close with a classic gothic Ballard. Brilliant Having been a fan of the band since the early days for me this is possibly their best album so far. Another album which is definitely a 11/10 and keeps the Gothic Rock flame burning dark. What a magnificent album.!

Catch them live In Bolkow, Poland on 13th July 2024

Mike – Vocal guitars keys
Richard – Bass
Jonas – Guitars vocals
Rikki – Drums
Dee – Keys programming

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