If You have Ghost is the new single from Satan’s favourite sons Ghost B.C. The Ghostferatu artwork shows the band further embrace their dark Goth tinged Rock crossover appeal. The EP features musical contributions from and is also produced by Dave Grohl. Dave Grohl the former drummer of Nirvana has also played and recorded with Killing Joke.The EP opens with Haunting Strings which give way to equally haunting vocal talents of Papa Emeritus. Black Magic musical magnificent from the Nameless Ghouls ensure this cover totally eclipses Roky Erikson’s original and creates the perfect pop evil spirit which will swim through your subconscious and before long you will find yourself singing along!. Following in the footsteps of The Leather Nun and Funhouse Ghost B.C have chosen an ABBA song to make somehow more dark and twisted than the original. Choosing the B-Side of “Take A Chance On Me” they cover “I Am A Marionette” A devilishly majestic rocked up version which no doubt will set fire to their set when played live. Crucified originally by The Army Of Lovers is yet another great choice for a cover. Papa Emeritus & The Nameless Ghouls again surpass the original! I can see this becoming a firm favourite not only at the live show, but also a big hit with dark alternative rock/Goth clubs as the original was a massive hit in Europe. Almost a hint of Umbra Et Imago. Can’t wait to see Papa sing this one live! A Crossover classic!g4
The final cover is of Depeche Mode’s “Waiting For The Night” I definately prefer this rocked up version to the original and a great choice by Ghost B.C to reach out to a even wider musical audience.
The EP closes with a live version of Secular Haze which captures the band live in Brooklyn earlier this year. The EP was recorded before Infessitsumam so a well thought out and unrushed release by the band. Two things to look forward to a full UK headline tour in 2014 with Papa Emeritus II and then the 3rd opus with Papa III. “Hell Satan. Welcome year zero ”