To mark the 30th anniversary of Girls Under Glass – Brouillard Définitif have produced a limited 300 edition vinyl album of GUG’s early demo tape – The Question, The Answer – Pop.

The album open’s with Bad Dream which has more than a hint of early Sisters Of Mercy and the trademark GUG synth. Great track! Rainy World – again features the trademark synth of Gug. A perfect fusion between Goth and Darkwave. Another track to shake a boot too! Nice. Wall Of Sound – A darkwave classic.! Walkin On The Dancefloor – casts a desolate soundscape for the wasteland. Unknown Girl – reminds me bit of early Cassandra Complex great! Provocation Clothes – A Darkwave classic for the dancefloor. Love it! Humus – the original demo version of a GUG classic. Armies Walkin – postpunk wave- great! Finally there is a live version of Alien from 1986. Love it! An essentail realease for all fans of Girls Under Glass.

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