Imprint Daath Cover
One of the most awaited albums of 2013 is finally upon us. Following the release of their sell out tape :Evoking Eternity: and their recent It Is Our Will 12″, The Ðevil & The UÑiverse have chosen the eve of the autumn equinoxe “the time to respect the impending dark while giving thanks to the sunlight” to release :Imprint daath:

The album opens with Nod a deft dulcimer is gradually immersed in summoning sinister synth layers, opening the gates to a booming kick drum. Waves of ritualistic percussion hang like a robe round drumming that yearns to break free. A great track to play during the last embers of sunset!
Below is the official video darkness mixed with dark humour 😉

Kruzefix Tolling bells, monastic chants mix with a live field recording which is sliced with a church organ and sparks of percussion reminds me a bit of the excellent Anna von Hausswolff. Procession features several loops that are played in reverse to give it a classic occult feel. Ritual chants, bass and drums complete the circle. Maybe you will feel a cold hand on your shoulder or see something out of the corner of your eye. Diabolic indeed!
The Pilgrims Regress sees a fiendish frenetic cadence unleashed with an electronic spine which will illuminate the dark dancefloor. Great track. Parvati’s Lament which has more than a touch of haunting spiritualism about it. The track is based on the Field Recordings of a ceremony involving the Hindu Mother –Goddess Parvati, recorded in the Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu. Tribalistic and sinisterly seductive will appeal to fans of Neofolk, Ritual, Darkfolk, Dead Can Dance and deeply dark ambient. One of my favourite tracks. Iblis is for me the pick of the tracks on the album. just like It Is Our Will this will take posession of the dark dancefloor. Great choice of vocal samples, inspired programming, majestic musical mesmerism you will “Want No Other”!! Gamaliel conjures up images of falling into a bottomless pit only to realise something far more hellish awaits at the bottom. Don’t turn of the lights!TDATU 3 Sitra Ahra almost gives you hope that you have reached the light at the end of tunnel only to discover the light is a hellfire burning sacrificial inferno soundscape. Dagon rising! Nemoralis has an initial Beelzebub blade runner feel, an almost ashen atmospheric calm. A malevolent violin arises from the ashes to herald an ominous chant which fades into a live night time recording. An epic close.Logo
The design above is from The Ðevil & The UÑiverse T-Shirt which can be purchased along with the limited edition of Imprint Daath 300 handnumbered copies, white vinyl, gatefold + CD. The CD includes the 4 tracks of the “It Is Our Will” 12″ or if you prefer the albums is available digitally from
For the blessed/damned people of Vienna, Prague, & Berlin The Ðevil & The UÑiverse will manifest themselves next week!