Japan Suicide return with their stunning 1978 EP. For those lucky enough to catch them on their UK tour and were blown away this is the moment you have been waiting for as the guys release their best stuff so far!

The EP opens with 1978 sung in native Italian. The sign of a good musical composition is that it can pass any language barrier and this does. Reminds me of the passion of the golden age of Italian Gothic in the late 80’s early 90’s. The song is about an analysis of Italian and world history – observing the present by the past. In the tragedy of the events, it explores what makes us human, both good and bad. Killer bass and guitars will hae you stomping on the dacefloor! Love it! La Caduta is up next. Less ferocious reminds me very much of early Kid Pharon & Lonely Ones and Noir Desir Nice! The EP closes with 1989 which has very strong echoes of Madre Del Vizio but more frenzied as yjey unleash another track to jump around. Can’t wait for new album and should they get the chance to play at the WGT next year 馃槈

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