Vertigo is the third studio album from Les Longs Adieux. The Rome duo of Federica and Frank are a relatively new band that formed in 2020 during the pandemic. Vertigo was written as a Synth/Dream Pop Opera with revolves around the theme of the collapse of landmarks using the metaphor of the Twin Towers in New York. Each track draws inspiration from the tragic events of September 11th 2001 to represent moods of anxiety, guilt, empathy and fear.

The album opens with Sky Lobby  a lovely atmospheric fusion of Coldwave, New Wave and Darkwave which would fit hand in glove with a pulsing strobe, and a smoke machine on the dark dancefloor. Flight 175 has an almost classic 80s New Wave sound, shimmering synths, cascading guitar in a very danceable synthwave ballad.

Antenna is an instant dancefloor smash with its darkwave synthpop punch chorus! One of their best songs so far. Love it! Falling Man is about those in the Twin Towers who had a terrible choice to burn or jump with a forlorn hope they might survive. Operatic and frantic synths wash over cultured lyrics in another atmospheric dancefloor friendly track. Gander A slice of infectious darkwave, New wave Darkpop brilliance. Windows On The World A deft synthwave ballad sprinkled with coldwave guitars.


The Two Sides of The Sky is another power dark pop ballad with shades of 80s New wave. Molten Metal the synths reminds me slightly of the Eurythmics track “Paint A Rumour” or even a splattering of Ultravox synths blended together with coldwave guitars to produce the unique sound of Les Longs Adieux Epic! Man of the Clouds brings the album to a close with a very 80s inspired New Wave dancefloor track. Les Longs Adieux  a beautiful bottomless pit of premium 80s New Wave darkpop  recommended for fans of Yazoo, Nuovo Testamento, She Past Away and a band to catch live this year!


The album is released on 21st February 2024 and can be ordered from here

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