It’s been a long wait to hear a Gothic Rock band that can fill the massive void left by Elusive due to the shock departure JK from this world a few years ago. I am really glad that Tommy has found two unique compadres to once more set ablaze the world of Gothic Rock and provide a platform for his unique guitar style! The E.P opens with the title track Sorrow Returns pumping bass and drum machine drive this juggernaut of song at 100 mph. This will fill any Goth dancefloor anywhere. Epic Goth guitar work which in places remind of The Edge. What a great track! 13 out of 10! Arkham see’s the pace drop slightly but captures that epic western Gothic Rock feel of Elusive with whispers of The Mission and 90’s Sisters Of Mercy Love it! Ruins reminds of The Doors classic track “This Is The End” and yes the track is that good. A Spaghetti Goth Western epic! Great! Tell No Tale – and the tempo is cranked up with yet another track to smash the dancefloor. Has a hint of the epic grandness of The Sisters “Vision Thing” Love it! Winter(Lament)– is a swamp rocked downtempo version of one of their early demo’s which would fit any western filmscore. Nice!

Two further versions of the title track are included the first being Sorrow Returns (edit) which should be a useful weapon of choice in the Goth Rock DJ’s musical Arsenal! The EP closes with Sorrow Returns (toxicity mix) a monster of 12″ mix which just enhances one of the best Gothic Rock tracks in years! At just over 37 mins the EP is as long as a lot of bands albums. The only question left to ask is how long must we wait to hear the Gothic opus which will be Long Nights debut album?
Long Night

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