Lotus Feed for me are one of the most exciting bands to come out of Germany in the last few years. From their earliest tracks, to their debut album and their live performance they always leave one thinking wow! With the excellent debut album So Close So Far, Lotus Feed set themselves a very high benchmark and I am glad to say they have maintained the same musical quality on Secret Garden. Out Of Place opens the album with perfect 80’s new wave melancholia which reminds me in the places of Into Paradise Lovely. Fix this will have you bouncing around the room. Some great guitar work and tight drums and driving bass will see this become a great live track. Reminds me of how great music was in the 80’s. Love it! Sugar Ray see’s the tempo cranked up to 13 with some great intense guitar work with a hint of the Killing Joke chop 😉 Will smash a hole in any dancefloor. Sleepless again has a flawless 80’s epic new wave construction with maybe a hint of The Chameleons. Great vocal work from Alex. Shiver – Great work by Lars on the bass and Doc on guitars create a perfect modern 80’s postpunk/new wave classic to have you jumping around. Love it! Kiss polished pop postpunk perfection. Epic! House of Cards see’s a drop in tempo which reminds me of The Church and gives proof not only can Lotus Feed rock with the best of them, they can also create mighty atmospheric soundscapes! Second Time again has a hint of The Chameleons mixed with Into Paradise about it. Nice one! Supervision – will grab you by the scruff of the neck and hurl you onto the dancefloor. Great singalong lyrics should be a hit everywhere! Epic! The title track Secret Garden brings the album to a close with a flourish thats reminds me of Wiretrain, Into Paradise & The Snake Corpse . Yes it’s that good!


For me Lotus Feed should be a natural for this years WGT in Leipzig as they blew me away when they played there the first time. Also I hope they will be a late addition to the Amphi festival. A great band that deserves to be heard and seen often!