asp5Maskenhaft ( mask-like, like a mask) is the latest album from Germany’s Gothic NOVEL Rock meisters ASP. It’s now 13 years since ASP’s debut album Hast Du Mich Vermisst? was released and each album seems have been evolution in catchy and atmospheric songs with a tale to tell very like the chapters of a book.


The album comes in a standard(ASP***** standard) double CD embossed digi-pack version with full lyrics (in German) and great illustrations by Timo Wuerz. There is also a Ltd edition of 500 copies on Vinyl and even more luxurious box set version below contains the following( but be quick if you want a copy as its limited to 5000 copies and half were snapped up as pre-orders)

asp1• Opulent triple CD
• CD #1 featuring a special mix of the album for home listening
• CD #2 featuring an alternative mix of the album
• Bonus CD featuring remixes and alternative versions of SAMSAS TRAUM, ZEROMANCER, etc.
• A sumptuous illustrated picture book in a 28 x 28 cm format worthy of the art world
• 92(!) page hardback book
• High grade art print on high quality matt laminated uncoated woodfree 150g art paper
• Black front and rear endpapers
• The book contains additional artwork and exclusive illustrations of Timo Würz
• The book contains all lyrics and additional poetry of Asp
• The book contains a preface to “MASKENHAFT” by famous German author Kai Meyer
• 36 page ASP wall calendar (August 2013 – December 2014)
• Hand-numbered certificate of authenticity which has been personally signed by Asp and Timo Würz
• Packaged in a box with silver hot foil on cover and inside black printing
• Strictly limited to 5,000 copies

asp4The album comes in two mixes – Relief (home listening) & Plakat (alternative mix with more powerful Gothic NOVEL Rock sound) but both have tracks which will burn a hole in the dancefloor!

CD 1 Relief

Augenaufschlag – opens the album in an opus of darkfolk musical magic. Great ry, classic vocal delivery and scary ambience collide. Die Kreatur Mit Der Stählernen Maske –The subtle title track is an ASP classic, which will have you singing along to the catchy chorus. Great use of electronics,synth and Gothic rock elements create a kreature fit to be unleashed in any dark music clubnight! Aufbruchstimmung(Herzjagd) – wait a second is it Die Fliedemaus aus Frankfurt? Just the classic rock piano keys that open pandoras box of powerpoprock Gothic, pure musical mania and yet another club smash!
Wanderer – has a rock folk feel mixed with one of those pop songs that gets stuck in your head and ends up getting played everywhere. Schneefall In Der Hölle –classical piano and vocal delivery melt into scorching guitars and like the seasons revolves throughout the song. Die Löcher In Der Menge – yet another classic in the ASP armoury, explosive! Reflexionen – an amazing ASP ballad.  Das Märchen Vom Wildfang-Windfang (Schlüpftanz)- Bang! Another a blast of ASP’s powerpop Gothic Novel Rock, barbed guitar and keyboard hooks will capture old and new ASP fans alike. 110% rocking chorus!  Panzerhaus (FremdkörPerson, Zweitens) – blistering delivery ASP can rock with the best of them 😉 Per Aspera Ad Aspera –A ticking clock, driving electronics give way to a buzzing guitar stands easily shoulder to shoulder with the best songs of Rammstein, Ghost or The Cult (Electric), Damn catchy great song! Die Klippe – Teil 1: Stimmen Im Nebel- is back to the darkfolk eery atmosphere of the album opener which then sparks into Teil 2: Hang-  a Gothic Novel  rock classic.

asp2CD 2 Plakat Abmischung – is a great idea by ASP it features more powerful and in some cases more rock versions of songs on CD which will help gather their new fans from their storming performance at Wacken and their joint headlining (with HIM & Nightwish) performance @ Mera Luna 2013. Recommended for fans of Neue Deutsche Härte/Alternative Rock, Rammstein & Ghost. Per Aspera Ad Aspera on this mix is possibly better than most of Rammstein’s songs so far !

CD 3 Bonus – Carpe Noctem ( Circadiane Rhythmik Remix Von Lutz Demmler) – a very catchy electronic remix with a hint of :W:. Panzerhaus (Zeromancer Remix) –not a bad remix. Wanderer (Patrick Damiani Remix)- more ambient than the original. Weichen

[t]stellung (Spießrutentanz Remix Von Lutz Demmler) will work very well on the dancefloor with a more electronic feel. Per Aspera Ad Aspera (Langes Elend-Schnitt)- is the best track on the album this version is as great as the other two ;). Die Kreatur Mit der Stählernen Maske (Samsas Traum Akustik-Coverversion)- quite a good cover but the original version is even better 😉

Great production and mixing Lutz & ASP. This album is definitely as good as all their previous releases and could easily be their most popular and biggest one yet!  If you didn’t catch them live yet in the UK, Germany or Austria. they will be commencing their Maskenball tour Sept to Oct in Germany & Austria.

2013 is a great year for ASP so far but I am sure 2014 will be even better and its about they appeared on more rock festivals outside Germany and fans of Rammstein, Ghost & Gothic Novel Rock Deutsche Härte/Alternative Rock should demand it!!!

For ASP fans in the UK I can announce I will be hosting a UK exclusive release party @ The Darklands relaunch night @ The Fulford Arms York on 26th October 2013 with following items available to win in the Maskenhaft draw

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