Midnight Syndciate the masters of Horror soundtracks unleash their latest spooktacular opus Zombies The soundtrack to the board game.

The album opens with It Begins setting the scene perfectly the apocalypse.Standout tracks which will send a shiver down Your spine are They’re coming For You, Slight Miscalculation, No Escape – Clive Barker would love this track, I Don’t Think They Are Dead,Town Square captures the atmosphere of Hammer Horror,Zombie Master, Raiding Todd’s Tool Shop could have been used in Znation, Into The Abyss classic Midnight Syndicate, Alternate Food Source, Dusk, We’re Screwed and Race To The Helipad. Put on Your headphones, dim the lights, close Your eyes and you will find yourself in Your own zombie apocalypse when listening to this zombietastic soundtrack. Love it!

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