After the release of their very promising Blue Moon EP in 2013. Minuit Machine finally gives us their full abum Live & Destroy What a perfect musical match Helene & Amandine are – like a delicate darkwave hand in a crushed velvet coldwave glove.
This album has wow written all over it. Love Is God has a downtempo Deathday feel about it. Love the depth of the musical composition, and the way Amandine’s vocals cover the equisite keyboards like a velvet shroud. A new coldwave classic! Ego somehow reminds me of early classic Kirlian Camera but with a stronger darkwave beat for the dancefloor! Comedown what a powerful pounding track, luscious layering of keyboards with maybe a hint of Passion Noire. Another great track for the dancefloor! Trauma has a very nice 80’s arrangement in the drum programming, and 80’s sci-fi keyboards to match. Very cold and melancholic. Love it! Midnight Love– Reminds me of Vienna from Ultravox but frozen with coldwave and blackened by darkwave. Wow! Alienation is a full on assault on the cold/darkwave dancefloor, infectious drums and keyboards, cathy chorus. The sort track DJ’s crave for. Brilliant! Ghost must be an amazing song to hear live, has an almost anthemic feel. Nice! Sabotage has a hint of Clan Of Xymox but when the vocals kick in you know it’s something more powerful and intense. Another hit for the coldwave dancefloor! Toi et Moi n’Existe Plus has an extremely delicious deep drumbeat. A song with great musical depth and feeling. Great! Apologies – Great layers of synth wash over the listener whilst Amandine’s vocals circle above! Epic! Agoraphobia was a good track the first time around, but the album verion is sublime. Great debut album. Look forward to see a live show which should be an exceptional experience.