Ashley Dayour ( Whispers In The Shadow/ The Devil & The Universe) and Artaud Seth ( Garden Of Delight/ Merciful Nuns) invite you to join them on their second mission into the dark depths of space. So climb aboard this spacship opus, a rocket ship to the future. Jupiter Ignition opens with the loop of “We’ve been taught the perfect place of the human race is earth, but it’s not” which builds into a cleverly crafted majestic sonic space soundscape which would easily grace the aural accompaniment of the silver screen. Artauds vocals signals the ignition of the engines and musical you will be blasted towards the stars! Sublime searing guitars! Great! Kepler186F continues the journey as it conjures up the image of the spaceship hurtling through the deadness of space. Nice! Earth Research Has a very dark ambient feel of drifting through deep space or the void of the bank of fog outside my window. Ridley Scott could definately benefit from having NEO write him a filmscore. Subtle searing guitars will again burn deep into your memory! Ignition Started bleeds effortlessly from the previous track and explodes supernovalike across the senses!

Next is the title track Trans Neptunian Objects the opening of which conjures up an image 2001 A Space Odessey descending into hellscape of Pinhead in Hellraiser II of . Epic! This track should also scorch the dancefloor if the power doesn’t melt the PA! Love it! Planet X reminds me very much of The Nefilim and will again ignite the dancefloor with rocket fuel. Out of this world! Pitch Black has a bass line that will cut right through you as it hurtles into the starless void. Great! Jupiter Moon and we approach the end of the voyage and end up dead in the void of space. This track really does capture the spirit of “In Space No-one Can Hear You Scream” space
The only question that remains to be answered is the confirmation that Near Earth Orbit will be playing the 25th WGT in Leipzig!