After a few years of silence New Breed return with the aptly named album Break The Silence. The band features Kristian from Elusive and Bjarte from The River Knows.



The album opens with the title track Break The Silence a driving fist of melancholy that will kick the doors down into your subconscious. Addictive musical opiate. Love it!

City Of Sin – The vocals on this remind me of classic Wayne Hussey circa Gods Own medicine with additional vocals from JK (Elusive). Has an epic western feel. Love the throbbing bass.Great!
Outside – Reminds me of a bit Tiamat when they flirted with Gothic Rock.This would be one hell of a live track due the searing guitar hooks. Nice!
Fragile – a delicatly dark rock duet.
Neurotica is full on Gothic Rock to have you jumping around on the dancefloor. Love it!
Memories – Has a classic 80’s stadium alternative rock feel. Nice!
Ghost – Another fine slice of Gothic rock!
Rain – Rocktastic to wash the pain away!
I wonder which venue the guys will be playing at the WGT 2017?


New Breed

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