Where most musicians create their own atmosphere to inspire or unleash the creativity that is held within and sculpt it into the perfect painted soundscape. Pororoka doesn’t have this freedom or luxury due to ruZZias criminal war against Ukraine where civilians and homes are bombarded daily by drones and missiles and flesh and nerves are constantly shredded to the bone.
Pororoka the Ukrainian darkfolk project has released a new song Aidar about the voice of the river from the occupied territory in the east of Ukraine. An expression of escapism and the memories of a peaceful childhood home. “Aidar is a memory of my parents’ native home. A bright symbol of my childhood. It could have taken my life, but it did not. Unpredictable, dangerous, and magnetic,” said Svitlanka Sugak, of Pororoka. If it wasn’t for criminal war waged by a set of primitive retards I am sure Pororoka would be freely touring Europe as their sound would easily appeal to fans of Lili Refrain, Eivor, Myrkur, Heilung, Dead Can Dance, Omnia and they have the potential to be as big!

Last March, Pororoka released the folk ballad “Hey, Look Around” devoted to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Please listen and support the artist below and help them grow in the worst of times:



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