I am really excited to announce I will be part of this great live event in Prague again! I am looking forward to see the great bands live after my longest break in seeing live music since 1984. This was always the best festival after The WGT so with no WGT this year this is best festival so get yourself there and funk the virus!

The Event fully complies with Czech governments restrictions with a maximum of 500 people allowed inside the club. 😒 Don’t forget your mask!
If you wanna be part of this great event, you need to buy your ticket in the presale to avoid tears and get another beautiful wrist band for your collection!😍

More than half the tickets have gone already

Get your tickets here before they are gone!



-=== P Á T E K ===-

🦇 WAVE STAGE- (Prostor Země, Nádražní 76)

20:00 otvírá klub, DJ Aleister Dantes (warmup electro set)
21:30 =LOVE MY SCIENCE (new wave/electropunk z Bratislavy, SK)
22:10 DJ, DJ Aleister Dantes (synthwave set)
23:00 =HØRD (darkwave/synthwave kouzelník z Bordeaux, FR)
00:00-??:?? DJ Terrorissmo (EBM/harsh electro/aggrotech, A)

🦇 GUITAR STAGE- (Underdogs’, Nádražní 5)

20:00 otvírá klub, DJ playlist
21:00 =TEAR (comeback pražské electro party, CZ)
21:45 DJ Favourite Slave (postpunk, goth, darkwave)
22:30 =ISOLATED YOUTH (žhavá postpunk/indie naděje, SE)
23:30 DJ Cyberpagan (postpunk, deathrock, goth, DE)
00:00 =FRANK THE BAPTIST (gothic rock/postpunk legenda, US/DE)
01:30 DJ Cyberpagan/DJ Favourite Slave guitar dance till the end

-=== S O B O T A ===-

16:00 Gothic Picnic v zahradě Kinských (mapa ZDE)

🦇 ELECTRO STAGE – (Futurum Music Bar, Zborovská 7, velká scéna)

20:00 otvírá klub
21:00 =NEMUER (pagan folk, CZ)
22:15 =TYSKE LUDDER (EBM/electro úderka poprvé v Praze!, DE)
00:00 =CLAN OF XYMOX (darkwave legenda, NL/DE)
01:30-??:?? Sanctuary.cz DJs (last men standing)

🦇 GUITAR STAGE – (Futurum Music Bar, malá scéna)

20:00 otvírá klub
20:30 DJ BeoWulf (dark wave, goth)
22:00 DJ De’Ath (a DJ goth veteran, UK)
01:00-??:?? Sanctuary.cz DJs (the most sober one plays)