Sweden’s Principe Valiente return with their third album Oceans. The album opens with Wildest Flowers with Fernando’s as strong as ever voice soaring high above a fantastical shoegaze sea of breezy guitars, bass, drum and keyboards that ebbs and flows around the aural senses. Great track! When I Learned To Crawl – some great guitar hooks that rock! Female vocals add a new dynamic towards the end of the song.

Strangers In The Night was the instant stand out track for me with luscious guitar and bass hooks in a composition as good as anything on Sisters Of Mercy’s “Floodland” with a sprinkle of The Cure / The Essence what a great gothic track! Untouchable is a classical cold, lonely, melancholic slice of dark atmosphere which drifts into almost Slowdive darkened dirge. Love it! Running juveniles – has the musical feel of The Cure’s “Disintegration” album without being a tribute. Dark dream pop! No Time – has a strong 80’s new wave feel in the guitars which makes for another great track. Love the sparks of dual male/female vocals. The Reason Why – sublime shoegaze. Monsters Of The Sea – keeps the tempo low on this delicate dark dreamscape. Great! The album’s over too soon.

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