Radio Manna is the debut release of Black Manna from Austria who are David Pfister (The Devil & The Universe) & Dr. Nachtstrom. Described as Satanic Ritualz meets the Light of our heavenly Father. Featuring old recorded voices and field recordings of paranormal phenomena and religious rituals, for example from Nepal & Lourdes. Black Manna re-evoke and interpret to create Subsonic sound waves and singing or Enochian – Ghost Pop.

The album opens with Fire in Nepal Ritualistic drumming, the crackle of flames taking hold, the penetrating howling synth conjures up strong images of a sacrificial burning. Great use of field recordings and keyboard strings. Will definately appeal to fans of The Devil & The Universe. Amarth has a strong religious feel with a live field recording possible from Lourdes, dark devilish atmospheric voices herald something sinisterly satanic! Great stuff. Xanax starts with sampled german narrative with a more baggy sounding musical arrangement ideal for those into witchhouse.Himmelfahrt(Black Manna vs jiuls version) dark ambient with a strong witchhouse feel.
Himmelfahrt(Solar White Manna Version) has a more dark ambient feel. Heroine Poltergeist great use of field recordings bleed into bottomless pit of drumming, great use of synthetic choir voices summon something satanic one for fans of I.D.I.E. An epic track! Radio Manna features lots of radio static a very droning ambient noise track which lasts 20 mins. Dukkha is possibly what a satanified Dead Can Dance might sound like.

“Go to the quietest part of your home. Leave your wristwatch and all jewelry off. Wear only loose, comfortable clothing. It is important to find a comfortable place where you can truly relax. Unplug clocks and phones in that room so as not to be disturbed. The goal is to ease the transition into an altered state of awareness. Posture is important. Sit in a comfortable chair that will support the back of your head, even if you are deeply relaxed. Place a large mirror in front of your chair and arrange it so that you can gaze into it without having to hold your eyes at an uncomfortable angle. And then turn on RADIO MANNA!”

If your a fan of The Devil & The Universe, In Death It Ends, withcult, ambient noise, ghostwave, deathwave or Enochian ghostpop its well worth a listen. Radio Manna is released on klanggallerie on 23rd Sept 2013