After taking the WGT in 2015 by storm and their excellent last album Dream For The Fall in 2014, a lot of people including myself are eagerly awaiting the release of the new album. Inland opens with a strained synth key, before the drum machine kicks in and an explosive guitar crescendo bursts forth like fireworks exploding in the night sky. It has hints of the earlier brilliance of The Soft Moon, and The Cocteau Twins, The Banshees as Ale has her own vocal style. This will have you dancing like a maniac. What a great song and that’s just the first track! Love it! Shatter – the familiar swirling guitar sound of Schonwald which will appeal to fans of Lycia, This Ascension, Loveliescrushing and Mephisto Walz. If Ladytron had more guitars it might be as good as this. Great! Directions features some great minimal electronic synths in a darkwave mix weaving through the guitar and perfect vocal to deliver another coldwave punch to pound the dancefloor. Wow!

Lux has a colder feel with guitars that remind me of early Jesus & Mary Chain and early Tamaryn. Love it! Victory somehow reminds me of The House of Love with the guitars cranked up to 12. Great! Xenos has a strong updated Banshees sound and at the same time is set apart by Ale’s vocals. Yet another song to bounce around the dancefloor to. Epic! Venice another great song with a hint of The KVB which will ignite the dancefloor! Love it! Fury which is captured perfectly in the musical composition -one of the best songs Schonwald have done so far. Destined to become a classic! Silver Veins – Has a very vivid darkwave feel which has been shaped into a unique aural pleasure. Nice! Wall – an epic instrumental track reminds me a bit of 90’s Red Lorry Yellow Lorry brings the album to a close. At this point you will be reaching to press repeat play of the whole album. What a great album! This box of brilliant musical fireworks is released on 5th November via Anywave Records & Manic Depression Records. I look forward very much to see this being performed live in 2016.

Schonwald_146-®DamienLafargue Alessandra Gismondi (vocals, bass) and Luca Bandini(guitar, synth and drum machine)