One of the most eagerly awaited releases of 2014 from Italy’s Schonwald is their new album Dream For The Fall. Blending a perfect mix of Coldwave, New Wave, Darkwave, Swirly guitars, and Postpunk whilst appealing to fans of The Soft Moon, The KVB, Keluar, Autobahn, She Past Away, The Cocteau Twins, Lycia, Loveliescrushing and Tamaryn. After releasing their first album in 2009 Schonwald have been devloping and polishing their own unique sound which has led to some quite majestic musical releases over the last 18 months including covers of The Cure, The Cocteau Twins and Joy Division which have been well received.
Crystallized has a slightly Soft Moon intro whilst being driven by a similiar drum beat, but the guitars a far more lush and ethereal with vocals to match. A great song for any cold/dark/new wave dancefloor. Damn infectious. Love it!
Deep metals – is possibly one of the best songs on the album, love the intensity of the drums, bass and guitars colliding in a sensual splash of ethereal noise! Great vocals again. A dancefloor smash! Wow! Triangle – A sublime song, lovely swirly guitars, with an exceptional tight musical arrangement. Amazing! Achrome – the tempo remains a relentless assault on the dancefloor, this will have you bouncing around the room. Love it! Star Rex– reminds me very much of Tamaryn an exceptional ethereal swirly feel with dreamscope vocals to match. Epic! Next comes their recent single Rays with a very strong Cocteau Twins feel whilst maintaining a suitable dancefloor tempo. Lovely! Lower Lovers which is the b-side is as good as the A-side Rays. The best song the Cocteau Twins never wrote! Love it! Neon-a lushesly swirling guitarscape with a pulsating eletronic drum and the 35 minutes or so on the rollercaster through ethereal heaven and it’s over – which will have you reaching for the repeat play switch again and again! You might even wear out your copy of the album it’s that good! Schonwald are definately in my top five of bands I need to see live and would easily grace a big event like the WGT or excellent Kalabalik festival in Sweden. Buy your copy now !