Screature return with their new album on 19th January 2018 ‘Old Hand New Wave‘, The album opens with The New Eve – a magical sonic shockwave giving a much needed injection into the deathrock genre. Wow! Waiting For A Light – a fuzztastic funeralistic bop which will have you bouncing on the dancefloor! Love it!

North Of Order – slamdancetastic . Yeah! Gone Cold –  a well woven wall of sound as guitars and keyboards speed walz to the protruding two finger vocals with a hint of Eva O. Epic! Hit The Void and the handbrake is gently applied to the sonic rocket fired by Screature. This is a delightful dirge will blow the dust well and truly away. Love it! Induction with the tempo still in second gear, The power of this song will blow you away. Wow! Metapsychosis – a brutal aural assault that will leave you windswept! Last Scene Alive – Another subsonic speed walz, lovely jagged guitars clash with the punked up vocals. Lovely! Movements- Lovely stabbing guitars, a hint of ‘The Cramps’, pumping keyboards and the trademark Screature vocals make this infectious like a raging fever! On Fire! Torn Passage –On this album Screature show their true depth of musical talent with this track being more postpunk, sounds like the Screature singer, ‘Suicide’, ‘The Horrors’ were mixed in a blender to produce the perfect sonic smoothy 😉 Another Mask brings the curtain down on what is easily the best album from Screature so far and for me one of the albums of 2018. Makes me want to catch a plane to USA, as top of my list for bands I want to see live in 2018! Your life will not be complete until you hear this masterpiece!