Secret Sight are a newly formed postpunk/New wave influenced band from Ancona in Italy. Their debut album Day . Night . Life was released on 6th October 2014. This is a great debut album and further confirms Italy is currently a hotbed for new and exciting purveyors of post punk, new wave and cold wave. Conquest opens the album with a controlled burst of postpunk power in which the guitars remind me in parts of early Editors with maybe a splash of Christine Play Viola whilts the base has echoes of Soviet Soviet and Lucie Cries. Love it! Next comes Earth Overflows which continues the perfectly polished postpunk sound which confirms this album has the same wow factor as The Back Room. The guitars here also have a hint of classic Mephisto Walz. This will have you jumping around the room. Epic! Here is the video for the song

Under This Truth sees no drop in the pulsating tempo, reminds me strongly of Uni_Form. Nice! Life sees a slight drop in tempo which reminds me of classic Into Paradise, another exceptional piece of guitar playing from Cristiano, tight drums and bass, and the perfect vocals fit inside the glove of this postpunk punch! Indelible continues the urge to jump around the room. Love it! Need – I really must try and catch Secret Sight live as the intense new wave blast of this song must be like the similiar intensity of The Ramones colliding with Editors live! Wow! Long Line – Love the feverish bass in this song and the switching of guitar effects. Great! If You Turn -Brings the album to a close without any drop in intensity.
Only 8 tracks but great quality and depth in the compositions. Great album for any DJ who wants to fire up the Post punk / New wave/ Coldwave dancefloor. The only question is when is the next album coming out, definately one to eagerly await! Great debut album!

This album will strongly appeal to fans of Soviet Soviet, Christine Play Viola, Ash Code, Schonwald, Editors, Uni_Form, Lucie Cries, Mephisto Walz, Into Paradise, Postpunk, New wave and coldwave.