Lithuania the land of pagan fire. It’s no surprise that when Sieben decided to play Menuo Juodaragis Festival it would rekindle and renew the dark pagan spirit that flickers at the heart Sieben’s music. Firstly came the Lietuva EP.  The opening track Black Moon Rise Again features an almost robotic vocal mixed shamanic witchlike howls mixed with Matt’s deft tones. The driving loops on ths track remind me very much of the power of Apocalyptica whilst capturing the spirit of the invocation of something dark and evil from forgotten times. Excellent! Užupis reminds me with one of it’s violin loops of Rosetta Stone’s cover of The Witch but builds into a monumental (10.17 mins) slice of neo pagan ritualistic tribalism. A breathtaking track which will appeal to fans of Wardruna. A crowning glory of neoclassical music! Cult Of The Fallen 2015 is a neoclassical march to grace the dancefloor. Love it! Knudlustysummer 2015  a brillliant fusion of Neoclassical romanticism. Breathtaking!
Sieben - Lietuva EP - Sieben other side
Sieben’s latest release the Norse E.P is due for release on the 11th November.

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The second part of the EP trilogy which will be bound together as a full CD release in 2016 is the Norse EP. Opening with The Old Magic and continuing the new darkened pagan sound of Sieben. This track will again appeal to fans of Wardruna. A piece of musical mesmerism which will have you bewitched with its brilliance! Loki 2015 – new life is yet again breathed into an old neoclassic. Great! Ready For Rebellion may well have been influenced by a recent appearance at the Rebellion Punk festival as this track has a punk loop beat collides with neofolk which will have you jumping around the room and the dancefloor. Love it! Loki Rides Again concludes in brilliant swirl of neoclassical pomp! Without a doubt the next album will be the best album Matt Howden has released as he continues to refine and redesign his unique musical sound. I can’t wait to hear the third part of the triology the Britannica EP from The Lord Of The Violins!

Sieben - Lietuva EP - Lietuva EP Sieben by Steve Kenny 3The EP’s are only available as digital releases so please visit to purchase these essential releases.