What I really like about being involved in the goth/dark alternative music scene is the chance to discover and make people aware of music from all around the world. So here is a review of an excellent band from the land down under Sound Like Winter Their album Iniate opens with the track The Boneman The deadpan vocals remind me of cult 90’s goth band Wreckage featuring a strong backbone of tight drums and bass, spooky keyboards and varied guitar bursts complete this great track! Porcelain – is definately a track to ignite the dancefloor. Great lyrics!

Ishmael’s Bones
reminds me slightly of The Beautiful People but with more bouncey bass. Aberrations– has a hint of The Pixies. Nice! The Distance Between – is caught in the shadow of the Cure. Damn catchy!

Hollow – features some very nice 80’s tinged synths reminding me of early Simple Minds and Joy Division Great guitars and catchy lyrics yet another blitz for the dancefloor. Love it!

Sanity Is Calling will have you bouncing around the room. Great! Black Caverns – A great piece of drumming and beating bass drive this monster of a track, hints of early Fields Of the Nephilim in the guitars whilst the song drives firmly along the road of postpunk. Love it! Double Barrel Scorpio – has a hint of Big Electric Cat, a hint of The Cure’s post punk pop make this a great track! Walk In Black reminds me in places of Empire Hideous and vocals in places sound like Rozz Williams Nice! You Fell For It – reminds me of early Midnight Oil colliding with Wreckage. The album closes with Sounds Like Winter a New Order tinged duet. Nice!. A great debut album with the potential for the band to become more widely known and definately one to catch live!