Sounds Like Winter return with their second album Sticks & Stones. The album starts with a bang as Blood Red is unleashed in furious fashion watch your speakers don’t ignite with the wonderous waves of guitars. Wow!  Sticks And Stones sees a drop in intensity but an upping in Gothness as echoes of Mephisto Walz bounce of the walls. Love it! I Hide In Sleep and the tempo is cranked up as this postpunk ditty delivers a kick in the aurals! Impossible Dreams goes for the Gothic jugular with pounding drums, and relentless waves of guitars which will blow you away! The Life Of The Just maintains the power but adds atmosphere with addition of synths and less ferocity in the guitars. Great!  Television Dream reminds me a bit of The Birthday Party mixed with La Muerte, Love it! Gritar  has the intensity of bands like Crazyhead or XIII Stoleti. Wow! Plastic will have you bouncing around the dancefloor what a great postpunk track! Beasts Of England has very classic goth feel with a hint of Rozz Williams Christian Death. Epic! New Hebrides brings the album to a close  with a classic slice of Gothic rock! Definately another candidate for the WGT in Leipzig 😉