The new album from The Spiritual Bat opens with Own World. Rosetta’s voice reminds me very much of the vocal style of Decoy/ Monica Richards on this track. Deft gothic guitar sonics. Nice!  Guilty has echoes of  Big Electric Cat and will be a smash on the dancefloor. Great guitar work from Dario! Love it! The Human Museum a big wall of sound made from the drum machine, bass and guitars which could easily be from the 80’s its that good 😉  A goth rocket! Caress The Scar puts the Rock in Gothic Rock. Nice! Escape – there is none as this will keep you a prisoner on the dancefloor! Nine sees  a change from the Goth rock sonics, with a more lightweight but tight rock feel a bit like Infesstisumam. Great track! Killing and another track to ignite the gothic dancefloor! Intimacy sees a drop in tempo but still rocks gothically! A Cure brings the album to a close in fine style. Get your copy from