The latest release from The Devil & The Universe was released on Walpurgisnacht and opens with Osculum Infame (Part I – Initiation) with a scary, hammeresque atmospherics and samples conjuring a powerful soundscape of ritual magic to summon unseen terrors from the falling shadows. Watch your hair doesn’t turn white! Crescent an epic piece of ritualistic music and sampled violin. Love it! Osculum Infame (Part II – Shemhamforash) – intense drumming reminds me of classic Engelsstaub pure NeoOccultFolk should pick up play on the innovative dancefloor! Great! next come three remixes from TDATU Stygian (Sedvs Remix) – what I like about The Devil & The Universe they are always looking at ways of developing the music to reach a wider audience and this track reaches out for the electro audience. This will work very well in an electronic mix! Great! The Goat Head (Phase Fatale Remix) sees the assault on the dancefloor with an industrial classic. The Goat Head (Wallow In Vice Remix) is a full on electro / EBM assault which will work well on the dancefloor and reach a new base of fans. A different release but a very good idea to reach out to different scenes of music rather than be totally predictable.

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