I must admit I was surprised when TDATU announced they were going to cover KLF’s What Time Is Love? as I was never a fan of this bands music. The Devil & The Universe have greatly improved on KLF’s song and have managed to make it their own and it fits perfectly within the tarot of songs being created by Ash & Dave. Great choice of title track. Love it! Second track on the single is NOD (the Black Egg remix) what a great reworking of the original definately some Black (Egg) Magic has been weaved giving it an almost sinister coldwave feel. Epic! Side b opens with Womb Of The Night – Starting in a suitably sinster satanic fashion the song then explodes with a mesmerising monstrous driving beat and will burn a hole direct to hell on the dancefloor. Great track! Can’t wait to hear the next album! The closing track is Elisa Fields – darkly atmospheric, a hint of John Carpenter playing with Satan. Hail The Goats!