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24 Years after their last album Nun Permanent The Leather Nun return with their new album Whatever. The albums opens with All Those Crazy Dreams Jonas Almquist’s trademark vocals which have lost nothing with the passing of time. The song has an almost Bowie like feel but delivered in the familiar Leather Nun Style. Nice! Outside My Window and The Leather Nun open the throttle and unleash a pulsing, throbbing musical masterpiece. An A-Bomb for the dancefloor! Love it! Dancing In The Rain (I’m In Love) is an unexpected 31 second jazzlike handbrake.
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Red Hot Gwen – opens with blueslike piano merging into rock n roll Leather Nun has a bit of a Swamp feel like La Muerte. Godtherapy– is a high octane blast through swamp rock country, the female vocals had a Suzi Quatro twist.Powerhouse rock! Just Like A Dream is the excellent single that heralded the return of The Leather Nun. Love the opening Violin which merges and weaves its way into one of the best rocking songs The Leather Nun has ever released. Love It!

Star(Yes You Are)– damn catchy restrained power rock song. Great! Not Afraid – What a great song it reminds me very much of the style of Peter Murphy’s Ninth album with a splash of violin but very much a classic, catchy Leather Nun song. Love it! Mainstream– against the mainstream thats how it should be. Great! For The Love Of Your Eyes – is a delightful reflective ballad. Another Rainy Day– continues the atmopheric downtempo theme. Candyass – brings the album to a close in a crescendo of sonic fusion.
This definately one of those albums that will grow on you the more you play it. A definate must for fans of The Leather Nun that will also attract a new mix of fans.


Jonas Almquist - The Leather Nun

Jonas Almquist – The Leather Nun

The Leather Nun unlike a lot of bands haven’t reformed to jump aboard the postpunk train to nowhere, to rehash and live off past glories. They are back with an A-Bomb of a new album to tear up the bland music soundscape, and as nice as it might be to hear one or two old classics live, this album will be great live on its own! The only question left is when is the European tour as I for one can’t wait!