The new album from The Wraith from Los Angeles has been proceeded by several singles, constant live gigging across the USA and a change of vocalist all added to the wait for the album. The album opens with Requiem Of The Damned- features some nice samples of crows, reminds me of a more punked up Deep Eynde to ignite the Goth Rock dancefloor. Lovely!

Overthrown- is a storming single of dark punk brilliance which see Harley’s vocals soar high above the gothic sonic soundscape!

Only Shadows Remain- sees the deathrock dial cranked up to 13 with epic pulsating guitars and pumping drums to smash the dancefloor! Sanctuary– has hints of early Fields of The Nephilim the perfect blend of Gothic Rock and punk. This should be a smash wherever it is played. Epic! Afterlife-聽 has hints of 80s/90s Into Paradise blended with punk, gothic rock. Kaz’s vocals have a hint of Misfits or maybe 90s Goth Rock band Asylum. Another pumping sonic sensation to rock the dancefloor. Love it!

No Tomorrow– If there was any more musical tightness in the band they would surely explode. A slightly less frenzied tempo which just shines a light on the bands musical brilliance! Wow! Last Light– Very nice pseudo sci-fi synth intro before the deathrock alien bursts forth from its pod! Beautiful! Seize The Night– another head of steam to punk power up any dancefloor! End Of Time Lovely choppy guitars akin to early Killing Joke as song which will have you punching the air, singing along and stomping your feet. Magnificent! Sea of Trees finally sees a slight drop in the frenzied assault on the dancefloor, with this swirling Gothic anthem the perfect ending to a great album. The album was definitely worth the wait, again underlining that there seems to a quality dark punk/deathrock renaissance in the USA at the moment. This definitely is another 11 out of 10 release and one of the albums you need to buy in 2024! Looking forward to The Wraith coming to Europe and shaking the gothic cobwebs from the heavens and raising the dead from their slumber.

The album is available now as a Vinyl, CD or a digital release here Ghost March – The Wraith

The band also has new merch out The Wraith Merch which based on the designs will sell like hot cakes when they tour Europe 馃槈