The wait is finally over for the seventh album from Sweden’s Goth/New Wave/Postpunk rockers Then Comes Silence with Trickery due to burst forth onto Stereos everywhere on 5th April 2024!
The band has come a long since its formation in 2012 by Alex Svenson in Stockholm being inspired by by a strong attraction to horror and the occult it’s no wonder they have been taking the goth world by storm with their stunning powerhouse live performances ever since. Their new album Trickery is released on long time custodians of Gothic Music Metropolis Records.

The album opens with Ride or Die which is the first track released as a video. The track has the instant hallmark of being yet another Goth dancefloor classic with its instant ear hooking chorus – “Take my soul, my blood, my words Let it be, ride or die.” Great!

Like A Hammer the second track was also released as video. A swirling keyboard mist wraps itself around the throbbing heart of bass, drums and guitars with vocal delivering the perfect Goth coup de grâce.  A hammer to shatter any Goth dancefloor! Nice!

Feel The Cold – loving the new use of synths which just add another level of macabre magnificence, ascending the peaks of postpunk to new wave heaven. Epic! Tears and Cries – features the perfect horror film synths around the beating heart of drums, bass and guitars, the additional female vocals. This song is so good it would have been a hit in the 80s. Classic New Wave /Goth – Spooky! Stay Strange – sees the gothic rock power turned up to 13! A really great Goth rock anthem with infernal synths which transform into creepy, reminds me of the class of the classic Ghost album Infestissumam – Perfection!

Stiffs – the perfect Goth singalong track “If I can’t have have your soul Na na na na I can take, take your bones Na na na na” complete with creepy clown intermission at the end! Ace! Blind Eye – great tribal drumming akin to Southern Death Cult on occult acid! Possibly the best song Then Comes Silence has ever crafted. Close to music possession as you will get. A pure spectre of sound to smash the dancefloor! “Deep down in a nightmare” – Hell Yeah! The Masquerade – it’s like John Carpenter has been unleashed on Keyboards! This the perfect mix of darkwave and New Wave. What a great occult menacing themed spooky track. Love it!

Never Change – slithers through the aural cavities demanding your feet get stomping on the dancefloor. Love it! Dead Friend – has a strong goth punk vibe reminds me slightly of Iggy Pops blah Blah Blah on steroids but unmistakably the brilliance of Then Comes Silence. Epic! Runners – “We’re flying like bats Filling the sky”, yet another brilliant song with clever retro 80s sounding synths swirling round the throbbing drums and bass pierced sharp shards of guitars. Has ahibt of the heat 80s band Missing persons.

Beautiful! Ghost House – the prefect nightmare crescendo to bring the album to a close “Abandoned hearts, abandoned souls Abandoned love”  spooktacular with hint ofThe Horrors Magnificent! Without a doubt one of my favourite albums this year and possible the best Goth/ New Wave album of 2024! Tom van Heesch has done a fantastic job with the mix. I can’t wait to see Then Comes Silence rocking Darkmas with these tracks in Witten along with The Foreign Resort and Raskolnikov not to mention a certain DJ De’Ath on the decks afterwards could be the perfect party this summer!

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