Here are my top 6 favourite videos of 2013 (in no particular order). There have been a lot of good Dark alternative songs released in 2013 but not many have been released with an artistic or thought provoking video which adds to the the pleasure of watching a video with a great song. The worst types of video I think are just to show a random selection of images, a band playing onstage(unless from a live concert) or playing their instruments in a field, dancing in a field, walking down a street, singing on a cliff etc with nothing to stimulate the mind visually or think more about the lyrics or meaning of the song.

GHOST – Year Zero

Year Zero – The video caught my attention after a friend posted it online. A great visualisation which reminds me of “The Omen”, “Rosemarys Baby” and other classic 70’s Satanic films which adds to the sinister suspicion of who is under the masks and robes of Ghost. The most perfect, catchy, disturbing power pop sing along song about satan. A supreme demonstration of Papa Emeritus II vocal talents. A great dark rock song!

Or The Uncensored version 😉

Ghost – Year Zero from Crille Forsberg on Vimeo.
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A great sounding 80’s coldwave song from Salomea Wrona. I like the clever way that the lyrics have been visually reinterpreted so the camels are made of iron crossing the desert of a second world war landscape. The images fit the song perfectly with bombardments looking like strobelights.

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Great return from one of the pioneers of French 80’s colwave music. I love the detail of animation mixed with real life, 11 out of 10 for creativity and a perfect mix of religious iconography and surrealism.

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NOI KABAT – Industry

I first saw a great live video of this song and couldn’t wait to hear the studio version. A great choice to put the song to the images of Threads by Barry Hines. An apocalyptic industrial Sheffield admist nuclear war. Epic electronica!

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KILLING JOKE – Corporate Elect

Where the majority of old bands from the 80’s are just going through the motions Killing Joke are still on fire both live and on record. Love the way the video captures the brainwashing by advertisements, the way we accept economic slavery and erosion of free speech. Love it!

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INDΣΔ†HI†ΣNDϟ -▲With Tears And Pains▲

In Death It Ends is mainly instrumental music but still takes posession of ones ears with the most scary occult omnipotent soundscapes. The choice of video images create a devilish darkly hip and haunting visualisation of Ghostwave!
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